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Case Study - Waiheke Island

Marina Construction Commences Despite Outstanding Supreme Court Action

Today, Tuesday 9 March 2021, Waiheke residents woke to the unexpected, unsightly arrival of a marina construction barge at Kennedy Point Bay. This comes only a day after the developer, Kennedy Point Boat Harbour Limited (KPBH) and Auckland Council filed submissions to oppose SKP Inc’s marina appeal with the Supreme Court. So while the fate of the Kennedy Point Marina is still uncertain and is being challenged before New Zealand’s highest court, KPBL has nonetheless decided to occupy Kennedy Point Bay and commence construction of the KP Marina, which may still have its resource consent overturned and declined.


Not only has KPBH decided to commence construction on the KP Marina before the Court challenges have ultimately been determined, but it appears that Auckland Council has allowed KPBH to commence construction without any recent or formal notice to Waiheke residents about the start of construction and without KPBH having completed all of the pre-construction conditions of consent.


Prior to commencement of construction, KPBH is required to prepare a Mana Whenua Engagement Plan (MEP) in collaboration with Ngati Paoa iwi. Notwithstanding this requirement it is understood that KPBH has not effectively collaborated with the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board (Trust Board) in the preparation of the MEP. This is despite Auckland Council recognising the Trust Board as a mandated representative for Ngāti Paoa. As a result, not only has the Trust Board been excluded from the original marina consent process, but the Trust Board appears to be continually excluded in the ongoing KP Marina consent process.


Equally alarming, despite the requirement for KPBH to have an approved Biosecurity Management Plan (BMP), Auckland Council has not yet approved any BMP. And yet today, when the construction barge arrived at Kennedy Point Bay, the barge was observed being washed at Kennedy Point Bay with the potential of run-off of cleaning product, anti-foul, contaminants and barge material to be washed directly in to our precious Kennedy Point Bay.


Despite these actions by the Developer, SKP Inc will continue to pursue its current application before the Supreme Court and will continue to fight for the right of the Trust Board as the mandated representative of Ngāti Paoa to be heard; and will continue to fight for the protection of the environment so that Kennedy Point Bay remains a bay for all creatures big and small and for generations to come to enjoy.


SKP Inc has also been contacted by several individuals who are currently protesting / occupying Kennedy Point Bay to protest KPBH construction attempts and actions despite the marina challenge still being before the Courts.

SKP inc is asking its supporters to attend/show opposition at Wednesday’s Pre Construction meeting, scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10am.

Sue and Multi arrive in Wellington and make headlines

Sue and Multi are just hours away from arriving in Wellington with their 10+ strong support crew.


TVNZ’s “Seven Sharp” show are paying particular interest to this history making hikoi, by an elderly woman and the world’s first (and only) activist sheep.


There’s a very good chance that the team will appear on Seven Sharp tomorrow evening (Wednesday) on TV One.

You can watch live using this link:


We hope you can join them in person at 11.30am in Wellington or by watching the news (and Ewes) at 6pm.

The latest update
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Reflections of the
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SKP - Kennedy Point Marina Appeal

A lament from Waiheke to the Money Men
by Kathy Voyles

I watch the tui’s
In their love dance
Over the teen
Red stamens dying
On dry clay
I remember I am fighting
A battle

With money men
(they want big boats
In a quiet bay)
We’re tired
Waiheke tired
Even when we sleep
as solace comes
Money men
Do you need more
Concrete, asphalt, tyres, oil
Build for us

Tiny houses, eco-villages, gardens, a hospice
Instead, rest
With your grandkids
On a happy beach
Shells in their tiny fists
Not concrete
Floating pontoons
Rest yourselves

Quiet picnic
Wouldn’t that
Be good

    Written by Kathy Voyles

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